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Question: Can you help me to understand why I take breadcrumbs in my relationships?

Question:  Dear Betty, Can you help me to understand why I take breadcrumbs in my relationships? Whether it’s love, dating, friendship, or career, it seems like I’m always settling for crumbs instead of the whole loaf. It’s a pattern I can’t seem to break. Yes, I can help you to understand some possible reasons why you take breadcrumbs and give you steps to break this pattern. First, I would like to say that it is wonderful that you have the awareness of this pattern and that it … [Read More...] about Question: Can you help me to understand why I take breadcrumbs in my relationships?

Question: I’m new to Tennessee and want to date online and offline. Can you help me?

Question:  I’m new to Tennessee and want to date online and offline.  I’m feeling fearful and overwhelmed as to where to start.  Can you help me? Yes, I can help you.  Welcome to Tennessee, the volunteer state.  We are so happy that you decided to join us. It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and fearful as to where to start your dating journey.  In Tennessee as well as everywhere in the world, online dating is becoming increasingly popular for people just like you.  Offline face … [Read More...] about Question: I’m new to Tennessee and want to date online and offline. Can you help me?

Question: Is being Friendzone a lack of chemistry?

Question: Is being Friendzone a lack of chemistry? The friendzone is a term used to describe a situation in which two people have a platonic relationship, without any romantic or sexual attraction. It is often seen as a lack of chemistry between two people, leading to one person having feelings while the other does not. This lack of chemistry can be a very frustrating experience, especially if one person was hoping for something more. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the … [Read More...] about Question: Is being Friendzone a lack of chemistry?

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How to Begin Feeling Safe Enough to Express Our Truth

“Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery,” Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a Russian novelist, once said. And so, this is how millions of people feel and behave every single day. It’s hard to speak our truth or to reveal our true feelings to someone, especially when we have an unnerving fear that we may upset them. But by learning tools which can assist us in overcoming this fear and using our powerful voice in such a way that we are truly heard; we will be … [read more]

Innovative and Fun Ways to Date During COVID-19

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the year 2020 thus far, causing extraordinary consequences. Individuals, businesses, and establishments worldwide are facing financial, physical, mental and emotional distress, and it’s also no secret that COVID-19 has made a big impact on the world of dating, sex and relationships. Luckily, we have the advancement of technology on our side, which has proven to be an invaluable way to boost morale, decrease feelings of loneliness and … [read more]

Is Online Dating Your New Career?

In movie after movie we see characters who seem to make dating their career. Male or female - they never “find the one” (well, at least until they meet the other star of the movie!) and instead move from one conquest or short term relationship to another. Though you may have met people like that, this sort of character is not one most of us relate to. If you are trying to stop the endless cycle of online dating – then you likely identify with the character that feels they have been dating … [read more]

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Betty helped me to regain my authenticity and confidence

I was down-right desperate to find love. I was looking in all the wrong places and found my emotions to be all over the place every time I went on a date. I felt disappointed and hopeless. Betty helped me to regain my authenticity and confidence. She didn’t just help me to find a partner, but … [Read More...]

I just wanted someone to come home to…

It’s hard to really remember just how lonely I was before I met my partner. I had a great way of hiding just how lonesome life was, even though I’ve always had an active social life. I just wanted someone to come home to. My partner and I have now been going strong for almost a year and are … [Read More...]

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Setting Boundaries in Dating: How to Build Healthy Relationships and Keep Yourself Safe

Setting boundaries in dating is key to having healthy relationships and keeping yourself safe. It’s all about understanding and respecting the limits of the other person, and yourself. This blog article will explore what boundaries in dating are, why they’re important, and how to set them. We’ll look at the different types of boundaries, warning signs of a relationship without boundaries, and tips for setting boundaries in dating. We’ll also look at strategies for keeping yourself safe and … [read more]

Is It Over?

Do things feel “off” so that you are constantly giving yourself the pep talk, trying to convince yourself to stay? If so, maybe you shouldn’t. Stay, that is. Could be time to cut your losses. Tough as that sounds, it’s better to not turn a blind eye to it. Bottom line: trust your instincts. But there are some things to think about that might help you sort out, and give words to, those instincts. Consider the following: Your values don’t align. If you enjoy the same food and or music … [read more]

Are You Unhealthily Codependent?

Kimia had been in several relationships that started out well, but eventually did not fulfill her. She invariably ended up feeling taken advantage of, and that her boyfriends did not really care deeply for her. I asked her, “Do you think you made it clear to them that you won’t tolerate disrespectful behavior and that you deserve better than to be ignored?” “I didn’t want to seem too needy,” was her reply. Kimia just hoped that by treating her partners lovingly and with care and respect that … [read more]