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Question: Can you advise me how to proceed on a third date with a girl that makes me butterfly nervous?

Dear Betty,I am at the very beginning of a new relationship and need advice. Here are the details:I’m 48 and she is 47. We both have kids – I have a son in college and she has two teenage sons. We used to work together and have known each other for five years. We always flirted, but were in other relationships. We are no longer co-workers and fate has put us on the same path—both available. I called her up and we met for a drink, caught up, had a blast, laughing and chatting. We briefly touched … [Read More...] about Question: Can you advise me how to proceed on a third date with a girl that makes me butterfly nervous?

Question: Should I try to get my girlfriend back?

Dear Betty,  My girlfriend Nelly broke up with me last week. She said it was because she knew that our relationship had an expiration date—we are both going to be going off to grad school in the next 18 months and had already talked about how we probably wouldn’t do long distance. I was still stunned because we really love each other and had such a good time together. She suffers from anxiety and I think that may be related. Should I try to help her see that it would not be a bad thing to just … [Read More...] about Question: Should I try to get my girlfriend back?

Question: How can I end this streak of attracting narcissistic partners?

I'm very introverted by nature and not very good at reading people. In relationships I tend not to feel the need to lead hence I think I tend to attract narcissistic men. Needless to say my relationships all end very badly and dramatically because it takes time for me to figure the other person out. And as much as I don't feel the need to control, I don't want to be controlled either! My question is how can I end this streak of attracting narcissistic partners? Should I be more assertive? … [Read More...] about Question: How can I end this streak of attracting narcissistic partners?

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3 Obstacles to Online Dating Success

Do you feel unlucky in your dating picks? Do the ones you think are going to be great always end up letting you down? Maybe that's because your expectations are unrealistic and you have some influences about which you are unaware. Are you forming your serious online dating and relationship expectations without considering these influences? Below are three potential roadblocks to success that you should know about yourself. Popular Culture Sneaks In... In the romantic comedies we all … [read more]

Are You Ready to Begin Online Dating?

You are excited to sign up for a new service to try online dating…right? But are you really ready for a new relationship? Run through this to-do list to check your relationship readiness. If you are on board with most of this checklist, you are ready to go! Know what you want in a relationship. Do you know what you want and don’t want? Maybe you have learned from past-relationship-trial-and-error. Maybe you have just grown to the point where your needs are clear to you. Just … [read more]

The Dating Menu: Online, Matchmaking or the Old-fashioned Way?

There are many people out there in the world who are smart, interesting, put-together, single and available for a relationship. They know what they want and need in a relationship and have confidence and self-awareness. And yet they are single. Maybe you are one of these people. Their friends can’t figure out why. Heck, they can’t figure out why. What’s getting in the way? All the lights are green but traffic is at a standstill. Often, they simply don’t know how to start. They are unsure of the … [read more]

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Ten Great Summer Dates

Summer is almost here! At a loss for what the heck to do this your big date? Summer is your chance to mix things up a little.  In the dreary winter months it is not so easy to find a cool new idea for a date, whether with your main squeeze or someone you are getting to know.  But the months of straw hats, tee shirts, sandals, and summer dresses come with a long list of fun options.  So as you listen to this (slightly tongue-in-cheek) song about summer love, check out the list below with ten … [read more]

Newly Single Part 3—Making the Introductions

Now your children are used to the fact that you go out on dates, and maybe they are aware that you have been seeing one particular person for awhile now. What about the next step in the parenting/dating interface? When—and how— do the kids meet this person? Here are some tips. Introduce them later rather than sooner. You’ve heard the saying, “Better late than never?” Well in this case, better late than early. This is one thing you do not want to jump the gun on. First of all, you will … [read more]

“Going Steady” — Are You Ready to be Exclusive?

At one time, in our culture, “going steady” was the term for a commitment to an exclusive relationship without the finality of a marriage contract.  Whether you “wore his pin” or “gave her your ring” – usually high school – going steady was a statement.  We may not call it that any more, but deciding to become exclusive in a relationship is serious.  It usually happens after you’ve been dating awhile – maybe around 6 months, though there is no rule.  You need to figure out: are you ready?  Is … [read more]